There seem to be many weak air currents circulating on the belt, and these air currents use the belt itself as a bridge and jade as storage. "Thirty years ago, I didn't know its name when I got it. But from my many years of research, it can be regarded as a top-notch Soul Guidance Device. Each piece of jade can provide one cubic meter of storage space. It is convenient to store such items."Soul Guidance Device, for Tang San, this was another brand new term. Although he still didn't know what the Soul Guidance Device meant, the master's explanation had already shocked his mind. Twenty-four jade stones, that is, there can be cubic meters of storage space, for myself, that is a place where hidden weapons can be stored. Tang San's eyes became fierce, and his heart's desire for the promotion of Xuan Tian Gong reached an infinite degree. Can't wait to have enough internal strength to practice the use of various hidden weapons now. With this belt, there is no need to worry about the storage of hidden weapons.