Not counting that, outside the fence, a group of hundreds of soldiers were cruising there. These soldiers were all wearing fine iron full body armor and armed with long spears. Their military appearance was rigorous. A hundred steel soldiers stood together, giving people a sense of killing.The master whispered: "The captive soul hunting forest is not accessible to anyone. Only soul masters who have obtained a warrant from the Wuhun Hall can enter the soul hunting forest to hunt soul beasts. Although there are also stolen souls, those people are not. It's hard to end well. These soldiers are just outside defense. In the Soul Hunting Forest, there is a special law enforcement team in the Wuhun Temple, which checks the warrants at any time. Those people are not affectionate." Tang San said, "Teacher, then this Soul Hunting. Does the forest belong to the Spirit Hall or the country?"The master's face changed slightly, and he made a silent gesture to Tang San, "Don't ask similar questions outside.