It was useless for Tang San to ask, the master had already explained first: "Soul Guidance Device, as the name suggests, a tool used with martial soul power. There are very few spirit guidance devices handed down, and most of them have no attack effect. The spirit master itself does not need weapons. Soul guides can all be described as cultural relics. As for how they were produced and how they were made, they have long been lost. This belt was obtained by me and a few friends during an expedition. It was distributed to me as a reward. For me , It's not very useful, you should be able to use it in the future. Give it a name."Looking at the twenty-four gentle jade stones, Tang San almost without thinking, remembered a famous poem from his previous life, "Twenty-four bridges with moonlit night. Just call it the twenty-four bridges with moonlit night." The master said slightly. Frozen, his stiff face couldn't make out any expressions, nodded, and said, "A nice name, but it's a bit longer."