Tang San sighed secretly in his heart, perhaps, this could be regarded as a little memory of his previous life. The master said: "It is very simple to use it. Inject your soul power into that jade stone, and you can feel the existence of its space. If you react quickly enough, the things in it seem to appear out of thin air. It’s characteristics are well mastered, and more practice is needed. This is also your future homework."Needless to say that the master Tang San also understands the importance of getting things from the Twenty-Four Bridge and the moon night, and quickly nodded in agreement. Originally, Tang San was still wondering, the master bought so many things, how to use them to hunt the soul beasts after entering the soul hunting forest, now that there are twenty-four bridges and bright moon nights, these are no longer a problem. With nothing to do on the way, he began to practice controlling the access to items on the Twenty-Four Bridge Mingyue Night under the guidance of the master. And the objects used for practice are those white radishes.