They hunt down the soul beasts they need to obtain the soul ring. With the help of other people, they only need to attack the soul beast one last time. It is the most common and most common hunting of soul beasts on the mainland. A safe method. But, is it so easy to form a group?" At this point, the master looked at the shouting soul masters with a trace of disdain in his eyes. "A truly excellent soul hunting group must consist of at least five parts. The food-type weapon soul master is responsible for supply, the restoration-type soul master is responsible for the state, and the soul power is restored. The agile type soul-hunting group is responsible for reconnaissance, and the strength-type soul-master is responsible for Resisting, attacking type war spirit masters are responsible for annihilating the enemy. A group composed of these five parts can be regarded as a complete group. Moreover, the cooperation between each other cannot be formed in a day or two. It is only imperceptibly. The process requires at least several years of cooperation. More importantly, members of the same group must trust each other.