Weapons, armor and various food supplies. The master led Tang San into this small town fair, "Do you know why I bought everything in Notting City?" Tang San shook his head.The master pointed to the prices marked in the shops, "Because the price has to be doubled up to this point. Are you wondering why there is such a lively outside of a forest. It is actually very simple. Where there are soul beasts, just There are benefits. This is especially true for these forests that are specially raised by the country. Soul masters are a wealthy group, and there are too many people who want to make soul master money." "Teacher, what are the people who called for the group just now? meaning?"The master said: "Soul beasts are not so easy to hunt. Some naturally powerful soul beasts, even if they have not cultivated for a long time, still have strong offensive power. This so-called group hunting of soul beasts is caused by Multiple people cooperate with each other.